About Us

Our Logo

RunSync’s True North is We Train!! We Run!! We Finish!! . We want to help people learn the art of Syncing through running. Our logo demonstrates our philosophy too. The Red represents the aggression/power of the body /legs, the Blue demonstrates the coolness/Tranquillity of the mind and the spikes represent the heartbeat. Once all three sync, you experience what everyone calls “Runner’s High” and we call state of “One”.

Our Genesis

One of the quotes about marathon says “ordinary people know their limits; marathoners know how to push them”. So true, but, you have to be a little crazy and at least a mid/long distance runner to appreciate that super quotation. That’s the story of Team RunSync.

RunSync driven by Ms. Ratna, who herself is a runner, believes that running can change one’s life and it helps you to “find yourself”. Ask her and she will tell you “I have a hyperactive running “keeda”, I will run and make others run to make them healthy”, Thus RunSync was born. A start-up with the moto “let your run do the talking”.

To feel and be healthy the Mind, Body and the Heart should all operate in complete harmony and synchronisation. RunSync believes that the fastest way to sync your head, body and heart is to run. This is how the RunSync logo was conceptualized. Once synced, you are one with nature. We believe that “it may not be about winning, but it is definitely about finishing” and that’s our moto. RunSync’s target is to mobilize more than 100,000 people, get them out of their silos and change their life by training them to Sync.

What We do?

We at RunSync, coach people of all age groups on the art of running and finishing.  We organize runs so as to inspire more and more people to take up this life changing routine. We are in the process of tying up with an NGO/s to support the elderly and kids and would want to pass on part of our earnings to them. Come and partner with us to experience this journey of “One”.